Royal Society Travel Grant-Will coralline algae reef mitigate climate change effects on associated fauna?

MedClimaLizers Lab is starting a new project in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth (PI) and the National Research Council (CNR).

The project, funded by the Royal Society (RS travel grant), aims to study the mitigation effects of the biogenic coralline algae reef on its associated fauna under 2100 future climate change scenario (IPCC 2014).

In order to achieve this goal, MedClimaLizers team is working on designing (Fig. 1) and developing 3D (Fig.2, 3) artificial biogenic reefs (‘mimics’) simulating biogenic coralline algae reefs.


Figure 1. 3d reconstruction of a E. elongata reef (micro-tomography, ENEA)


Figure 2. E. elongata frond printing (3D- printer, ENEA)


Figure 3. E. elongata ‘mimics’ under construction

Artificial ‘mimic’ reefs has been now completed and deployed for the testing phase (Fig. 4). In the next few weeks we will test the suitability of the artificial environment for the marine fauna.

A                                                               B

Figure 4. E. elongata ‘mimic’ reef (A) in field (B)


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