Getting ready for being deployed!

The ‘mimics’ are finally completed: 70 reefs (Fig. 1 A) have been prepared and positioned on pec-bases and fixed with zip-tide (Fig. 1B).

A                                                             B

Figure 1. All ‘mimics’ (A) and details of ‘mimics’ and bases (B).

The ‘mimics’ will be deployed in the site (Fig. 2) in a couple of weeks time. Each reef will be fixed within the natural reef by using an epoxy resin.

Photo1 APhoto2 B

Figure 2. Gulf of La Spezia (A) and S. Teresa Bay (B). Deployment site: red dot.

Thank to a collaboration with CNR-ISMAR (Trieste and Bologna), the complete carbonate system will be monitored in the experimental site over 1 year, including also temperature, salinity, pH, light intensity (in continuum monitoring), turbidity, fluorescence and oxygen (twice a month). ENEA meteorological station and Li-cor (pCO2 air-monitoring) will also provide air data on the site.

Scuola di Mare S. Teresa (www.scuoladimaresantateresa) and Coop. di Mitilicoltori spezzini ( will host the experiment, the underwater monitoring station acquiring chemical-physical parameters, and they will contribute in sharing information about the project to citizens and schools.


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