Mimics deployed for underwater test!

Today favorable weather and sea conditions finally allowed MedClimaLizers Team to start in field work activities.
E. elongata reef colonizing the south west external artificial barrier of Santa Teresa Bay has been fully explored, and three transect have been properly identified and marked (Fig. 1).

A                                                             B
Figure 1. Exploring natural reef site at Santa Teresa Bay (A) and underwater transect positioning (B)

Then, three ‘mimics’ have been inclosed in the epoxy resin (Fig. 2) and deployed (one ‘mimic’ per transect) for the underwater testing phase.

base e resina
Figure 2. ‘Mimics’ and epoxy resin before the deployment

The three ‘mimics’ will be properly tested in the next few days: a perturbation is expected to arrive in the Gulf of La Spezia, thus ‘mimics’ experience the intensity of wave action (approx. 150 cm height). If this testing phase is successful (no reef and/or frond lost), the whole reef (60 ‘mimics’) will be deployed, and the acclimatization period starts (approx 1 month).