About MedClimaLizers

Through the vastness of geological time, Natural Selection has shaped the physiological pathways by which organisms precipitate skeletal biominerals and the roles of these biominerals in their functional morphology. Nowadays more than 60 different minerals are known in modern organisms, and new biominerals continue to be discovered.

Biomineralizers have skeletons that combine organic and inorganic phases. The interplay between these two phases, along with the structure and formation of the mineral phases and of the macromolecular organic matrix, accounts for many aspects of biomineral complexity.

How will ‘biominerlizers’ response to Future Oceans?

The MedClimaLizers blog was founded by two marine ecologists who have always been fascinated by the complexity of two different taxa of marine biomineralizers, and who met by chance and decided to start working together.

This blog provides a platform where a team of people – researchers and students from different institutes – can present their work to encourage discussions with experts and exchanges that will lead to improvements in our understanding of biomineralization in the changing waters of the Mediterranean.


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