Aquaria – Temperature and CO2 regulated re-circulatory system; portable Ph-meter; macroalgae culturing room.

Benthic ecology– Optical and Stereo Microscopes; image elaboration system; 3D imaging and reconstruction software; hiters; scales; fumes; probe INF300 for natural fluorescence; Core barrel; Dredges; Box Corer.

Water Chemistry and Nutrients – Autoanalyzer 3 BRAN+ LU EBBE for determination of nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, silicate, inorganic phosphate in an aqueous matrix;  on-line with the Autoanalyzer, thermostatic bath for mineralization of organic matters in aqueous matrix (determination of Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen); spectrophotometers; digital titrator (Oxygen, Total alkalinity).

Hydrology – 4H-JENA PocketFerryBox ferrybox; Aquadopp acoustic currentmeter; Nortek Aquapro acoustic doppler current profiler; RDI WHS300 acoustic doppler current profiler; Sea-Bird SBE19plus multiparameter probe; Sea-Bird SBE16plus multiparameter probe; RBR XR-420CTD+ multiparameter probe; Sea-Bird SBE37 CTD probes; Sea-Bird SBE39 temperature probes; Sea-Bird SBE56 temperature probes.

Diving facilities: basic equipments (regulators, bsd’s, suits, fins, masks, weights), compressor, cylinders (12l, 15l and 18l), underwater photography and video facilities, ROV, GIB (GPS Intelligence Buoys), underwater scooters, mini-sorbonne, portable cores.

Motorboat: for national coastal navigation (cap. 8 people, length 12 m) equipped for scientific research: hydraulic bridge (1m x 0.7 m x 2.5 m); oleo dynamic pulley provided with 300 m of hydrogeological cable made of steel (6 mm thickness) and internal conductor; static inverter; electric generator ONAN; radar Gem BX 132; automatic driver Neco 8400; GPS.


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