Recent Publications

Lombardi C., Taylor P.D., Cocito S., Bertolini C., Calosi P. (2017) Low pH conditions impair module capacity to generate in a calcified colonial invertebrate, the bryozoan Cryptosula pallasiana. Marine Environmental Research

Nannini M., Florio M., Manauzzi MC., Marchini A., Raiteri G., Lombardi C., Ragazzola F. (2016) Could the intertidal Ellisolandia elongata reef be affected by climate changes expected in the near future in the Mediterranean Sea?

Nannini M., De Marchi L., Lombardi C., Ragazzola F. (2015) Effects of thermal stress on the growth of an intertidal population of Ellisolandia elongata (Rhodophyte) from N-W Mediterranean Sea. Marine Environmental Research

Lombardi C., Cocito S., Gambi M.C., Taylor P.D. (2015) Morphological plasticity in a calcifying modular organism: evidence from an in situ transplant experiment in a natural CO2 vent system. Royal Society Open Science 2: 140413

Fietzke J., Ragazzola F., Halfar J., Dietze H., Foster L.C., Hansteen T.H., Eisenhauer A., Steneck R.S. (2015) Century-scale trends and seasonality in pH and temperature for shallow zones of the Bering Sea Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Taylor P.D., Lombardi C., Cocito S. (2014) Biomineralization in bryozoans: present, past and future. Biological Reviews

McCoy S. J., Ragazzola F. (2014) Skeletal trade-offs in coralline algae in response to ocean acidification Nature Climate Change 4: 719-723

Technical reports

Lombardi C., Raiteri G., Fabbri P., Scafè M., Florio M., Nannini M., Ragazzola F. (2016) Structural integrity of Ellisolandia elongata reef: a mechanical approach to compare tensile strength between samples grown in natural and controlled habitats. RT/2016/35/ENEA

De Marchi L., Nannini M., Cerrati G., Bordone A., Lombardi C., Aliani S., Ragazzola F. (2014) Determinazione del tasso di crescita dell’alga Corallina elongata (Rhodophyta) in ambiente controllato e in ambiente naturale tramite l’utilizzo dei marcatori Alizarin (Red) e Calcofluor white. RT/2014/7/ENEA


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